Signature Menu

Bao Buns with Hoi Sin 'Duck'

Squeaky Bean 'Duck', black bean mayo, pickled pink ginger, sliced cucumber, fresh coriander, spring onion, crispy shallots and sriracha, soft steamed bao

Thai Panang Curry

Authentic fresh and zesty Thai Curry with mixed vegetables, puffed tofu & coconut. Topped with cashews and sesame.

Hoi Sin 'Duck' Rice Bowl

Hoi sin squeaky Bean 'Duck' served with fluffy, fragrant rice, zesty slaw, pickled pink ginger, sliced cucumber, fresh herbs

Signature Bang Bang Cauliflower

A true customer favourite - Sweet & spicy bang bang cauliflower is full of flavour and crisped to perfection. 

Zest Kitchen

Zest Kitchen provide favour filled plant based catering and feel-good food

With options of beautiful hoisin "Duck" bao buns, zingy curries and sides and salads you can expect fresh ingredients, bright colours and tantalising aromatics from this young, female-led team. Inspired by travels, they add unique flavour twists to traditional recipes to create something new, vibrant and full of soul.

Women Led

Office Pop Ups


Fuel Experiences

We have created FUEL Experiences to make working more interactive, engaging, and most importantly - delicious. Whether that’s at home or in the office, FUEL is poised to deliver exciting foodie experiences to our customers.

From post-work masterclasses to lunchtime street food pop ups, our network of passionate restauranteurs can turn the office into a haven of flavours. Likewise, our At Home service brings the high street to you, to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.