Signature Menu

Butter Chicken

Mildly spiced chicken in cashew & butter curry

Served with cumin infused basmati rice, pickle, chutney

Chole Masala

Chickpeas in mildly spiced sauce

Served with cumin infused basmati rice, pickle, chutney

RockIT Signature Krispy Chicken Burger

Fried chicken thigh with lettuce, cheese, chilli mayo, green chutney

Sweet pea and Halloumi Burger (v)

Green pea-potato patty with halloumi, dried chilli-garlic powder, coleslaw and tamarind date chutney


Chicken 65

Fried crispy chicken thigh marinated in spices and curry leaves

Samosa Chaat

Crispy veg samosas topped with spiced yoghurt and tamarind chutney

Rock IT - Indian Delivery

RockIT captures both the homemade love and true variety of the food, owner, Anu grew up with. She mixes flavours from the West and Asia into her food, to capture her true passion for cuisines across the world.  

A fully female brigade make everything from scratch, from the double marinated curries to patties in their signature burgers. 

Women Led



Delivered In

Fuel Experiences

We have created FUEL Experiences to make working more interactive, engaging, and most importantly - delicious. Whether that’s at home or in the office, FUEL is poised to deliver exciting foodie experiences to our customers.

From post-work masterclasses to lunchtime street food pop ups, our network of passionate restauranteurs can turn the office into a haven of flavours. Likewise, our At Home service brings the high street to you, to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.