Salmon and Hush Heath Estate Wine Tasting with Lance Forman

Looking for a fun, different and utterly delicious Virtual Experience? Look no further than H. Formans Smoked Salmon and Wine Tasting with owner Lance Forman & Hush Heath Estate. Lance will expertly guide you through the different flavours of Lean, Fatty, Royal Fillet and Gravadlax, balanced with Hush Heath's Leslie Reserve & Skye’s Blend 2018



Duration: 1.5 hours

Format: Zoom link, Recommended number of attendees = 20-30

Notice Period: Please give at least 3 weeks' notice

This Experience can be made bespoke to requirement

Items included

A delivery of Lean, Fatty, Royal Fillet and Gravadlax Salmon and full bottles of Leslie Reserve and Skye's Blend 2018 wine - sent to home addresses ahead of the session




H. Forman & Son

H. Forman & Son is the home of the world famous London Cure smoked Scottish salmon. A true gourmet food with protected status. The Forman family has been curing and smoking fish in the East End of London since 1905. Today the smokehouse produces H. Forman & Son specialities for leading food retailers and our chefs create restaurant quality dishes for hotels and fine dining establishments across the globe.