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The Smokehouse Tour Includes:

  • Learn the history of smoked salmon, and the unique Forman story from Lance Forman himself.
  • Tour the state-of-the-art smokehouse, watching fish being filleted, salted, rope-hung, smoked and sliced.
  • Marvel at the Willy Wonka-esque kilns and the calm efficiency of the artisan smokers.
  • Experience a carving demonstration from Darren Matson, Guinness World Record holder.
  • End on a high and enjoy a smoked salmon tasting platter, learning the difference between fatty and lean, wild and farmed.

Private Smokehouse Tour with H.Formans


There’s no smoke without fire. Except when friction-burning oak logs create the perfect amount of smoke required for the delicate London Cure. Discover this and more trade secrets when you step behind the scenes at Forman’s smokehouse in London.

For over a century H. Forman & Son has been producing world class London Cure Smoked Salmon in the East End of London. Remaining faithful to principles established in 1905, Lance Forman and his team of artisans are upholding traditional values and skills that would otherwise have died out long ago.

Pricing starts from £60 per head


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“We are truly converted to your smoked salmon. The talk and tour were fascinating and amazingly good value for money.” Judy Freeman, Customer 

H. Forman & Son

H. Forman & Son is the home of the world famous London Cure smoked Scottish salmon. A true gourmet food with protected status. The Forman family has been curing and smoking fish in the East End of London since 1905. Today the smokehouse produces H. Forman & Son specialities for leading food retailers and our chefs create restaurant quality dishes for hotels and fine dining establishments across the globe.