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Ingredient and Equipment list is sent out to attendees ahead of the session.

1 hour live session on Zoom or Teams

Cinnamon Bun Bake a Long with Luminary Bakery

Looking for a team social or to host a fun event for your company? Look no further! Our cinnamon buns are one of our most loved bakes at Luminary, but they are a labour of love, taking our bakers around 24 hours to make! So we wanted to create a cinnamon bun that could easily fit into our busy lives and around our lockdown schedules. With the same warming cinnamon spirals and a silky cream cheese frosting, these quick cinnamon buns do exactly that and can be made within an hour.

Under the guidance of our Head Bakery Tutor and former Head Baker you’ll learn to make our crowd-pleasing, buttery-quick buns, learning the science behind non-yeasted breads and key skills such as browning butter and how to get the perfect swirl. Whilst the scent of cinnamon fills your home, we will also share a little with you about the Luminary story, enlightening you on the issues many disadvantaged women in London face and how Luminary are supporting them to independence. 

Dates are available Mon-Fri, class size of 10-100. Sessions are priced at £550 for a group of any size.

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Luminary Bakery

Luminary is an innovative response to a need we saw for women who have had a social and economic disadvantage. We are a social enterprise designed to offer opportunities for women to build a future for themselves. 

We provide a safe and professional environment where women can grow holistically – encouraging ambition, restoration and second chances. We use baking as a tool to take women on a journey to employability and entrepreneurship, equipping them with transferrable skills for the working world. We offer courses, work experience and paid employment within our bakery, empowering women to build their career.